The Problem:  We all agree that the financial problems facing our schools are enormous. That money is rarely available to fund some of the most essential aspects of education. That even the most dedicated teacher can’t be expected to reach into personal savings, that they may augment the educational opportunities for our communities’ children.

The Solution:  Project Helping Hand is founded on a trust in our teachers, for who else but them knows where assistance could be the most helpful. Project Helping Hand provides grants of as much as $500 per classroom. Each school year, teachers from Bay View Academy, La Mesa Elementary School, Monte Vista Elementary School, Foothill Elementary School, Walter Colton Middle School, and Monterey High School are encouraged to submit grant requests. The program requires strict accounting and adheres to a strict Zero Waste policy. As such, complete receipts are required for each grant received. Moreover, portions of the grant not completely utilized must be returned for redistribution. Since its inception in 2008, the MPSRC Project Helping Hand has awarded 292 grants totalling $$134,605.78


The Goal:  It usually takes more than money to fix a problem. However, sometimes adding a little bit of money, to just the right place, makes education both interesting and effective. Our teachers know where the gaps in their budgets lie. Project Helping Hand seeks to provide dedicated teachers the assistance required, to provide the type of learning experience every child deserves.


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"Project Helping Hand is one of the most outstanding service projects I have seen.  Our community benefits tremendously from this program. The approach is simple and easily replicated by other Rotary clubs.  As such, I hope other clubs will follow its example and create their own Project Helping Hand programs."

Don Kremer
District 5230 Governor 2006 - 2007

Zone 26 Rotary Coordinator 2010-2013





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