How It The Program Works

City of Monterey public school teachers (grades K through 12) are encouraged to apply for grants to fund their individual needs. For example grants have been provided for the purchase of materials, the support of specific projects, or to support general enhancements of student’s educational experiences. The amount requested must be less than $500 per classroom. Grant requests will be accepted from September 1, 2021 through November 30, 2021. The PHH committee will meet after December 1, 2021 to review all requests. Notification of the committee’s funding decisions are provided to the school principals by January 1, 2022. Complete receipts are required for each awarded grant. It is requested that receipts be provided as a single pdf file, which is emailed to Project Helping Hand, care of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Step 1 – The Application Process:

It is requested that grant requests be written of school letterhead, and must contain the following information:



1)     The applicant's name, contact number and email address. 


2)     The specific dollar amount requested, which includes tax and shipping if applicable. 


3)     The value of the project to the students’ educational experience.


4)     The approximate number of students benefited by the grant.


5)     The anticipated date the grant will be used.


6)     The principal's signed and dated endorsement of the grant application. 

Step 2 - Submitting Your Grant Request: 

Please email grants requests to the Project Helping Hand Commettie:

Greg Migdale
Project Helping Hand Creative Director





Step 3 - Review and Funding of Grant Applications:


The Project Helping Hand (PHH) committee reviews all submitted applications.  Once the grant request has been approved, an approval letter is sent to the school’s principal for signature. This approval letter states the grant's purpose and specific amount. Once signed by the principal, it is agreed that the grant will be used exclusively for the stated purpose. In the interest of transparency and community trust in the PHH program, work files of each awarded grant are maintained by the PHH committee. Part of this process includes a full accounting of the funds provided, which is substantiated by complete receipts. This practice helps to ensure that 100% of PHH’s annual budget is utilized entirely for school grants. Acceptance of a PHH grant thereby entails agreement that in the advent grant funds are not entirely utilized, the remaining funds will be returned to be redistributed through the PHH program. All receipts, and any applicable grants refunds, must be received by May 1, 2021

Step 4 – Follow-Up Information:

In order to publicize the PHH program, we always appreciate letters from students and/or digital photos taken of the grant in use.

In the interest of protecting children’s privacy, please always ensure that digital photos supplied to the PHH committee have been authorized for publication on our Facebook page and/or website.